Across the Asphalt to Terminal 3

All Roads Lead South

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s gateway to the world. Air travelers depart from here to nearly 300 destinations around the world. Many requirements need to be met for a pleasant airport experience. Besides straightforward, efficient check-in, a feel-good ambiance, and helpful airport staff, it’s also important to get to the airport relaxed and without stressing.

New Roads

Terminal 3 is connected to Germany’s road network via the A5 motorway. To permit easy access, the Zeppelinheim interchange opposite the terminal is also being enlarged. It is gaining an additional lane for vehicles arriving from the south and a new onramp for northbound traffic. This will prevent backups, also during rush hours. Changes are also being made parallel to the A5: the new Sky Line people mover route runs there and a new public road is also being built. Toward the north, the latter is connected via a traffic circle to Hugo-Eckener-Ring and Gateway Gardens. Ellis Road within the airport premises will still pass alongside the monument to the Berlin Airlift, only being shifted slightly inward.

Room for Modern Mobility

The new eight-level parking structure has room for up to 8,500 vehicles. Special spaces for electric vehicles are included. The new facility is divided into two parts, of which the northern part is about 400 meters long or twice the length of the southern one. The two are joined by pedestrian bridges that continue directly on to the new terminal. A new bus station with 27 berths ensures seamless connections to destinations in the surrounding region, and about 45 parking spaces are reserved for taxis right on the drive-by platform. Of special interest to visitors from the surrounding area is that the new terminal is integrated in the regional network of cycling paths. It even features a dedicated parking area for 300 bicycles right beneath the Sky Line station. Thirty of them are equipped with charging stations for e-bikes.

Ten kilometers of new roads ensure convenient arrival by car.

A glimpse of the future: the enlarged Zeppelinheim interchange keeps traffic flowing, also to CargoCity South.

From the drive-by platform spanning 16,500 square meters, travelers and visitors can directly access the departures level.

The new, modern parking structure right at Terminal 3 has room for 8,500 vehicles, including spaces with chargers for electric vehicles. Source: Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH