Smart Connections
Terminal 3 in View

Ideally Linked

The new Terminal 3 will be easy and convenient to reach by bus, train, or car. A new Sky Line people mover will provide a direct connection from the regional and long-distance train stations to a new people-mover station at Terminal 3. And 10 kilometers of new roads will ensure smooth driving.

In Eight Minutes to Terminal 3

The new Sky Line, an autonomous bi-rail people mover system, will supplement the existing Sky Line. It will let travelers get between the north and south of the airport in just eight minutes. This optimally meets the prerequisites for transferring passengers to catch tightly scheduled connecting flights at another terminal.

The new driverless Sky Line people mover travels a distance of 5.6 kilometers from end to end.

The Sky Line leaves passengers right in front of the main terminal building; from there they only have a short walk to their departure gates.

A glimpse of the future: the enlarged Zeppelinheim interchange keeps traffic to Terminal 3 and CargoCity South flowing.

New Routes

The new terminal is being optimally linked to the existing road network. Travelers can conveniently drive to and stop right in front of the check-in hall or leave their vehicles in the parking facility directly across from the entrance. Ten kilometers of new roads also connect Terminal 3 to the rest of the airport.