Pier G - Highly Flexible Thanks to Farsighted Planning
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From the outset, Terminal 3 was planned so that it could be expanded in stages by adding modules depending on actual requirements. In the years until 2019, passenger volumes grew faster than expected, causing Terminals 1 and 2 to reach the limits of their capacity sooner. In 2018, Fraport therefore decided to move construction of the second planned subproject, the one for Pier G, forward. However, the covid-19 outbreak in late 2020 made it necessary to change tack. Although the pier will still be completed on schedule in early 2022 with enough capacity for five million passengers a year, due to the collapse in passenger volumes caused by the pandemic it will not begin operating until much later when they reattain pre-crisis levels. According to current forecasts, this won’t be the case until 2026. Pier G will then start operating together with the main terminal building and Piers H and J.

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Construction work on Pier G starts in June 2019.
This aerial photograph clearly shows how Pier G is being built in distinct phases. Concrete structures are already standing at the rear, while the excavation work visible in the foreground is for the extension planned for later.
While work continues on the rebars in the foreground, loadbearing prefabricated sections have already been installed in the background.
The contours of the base structure of Pier G are becoming clearer. Later, passengers will check or pick up their luggage there.
Growing fast: the carcass of Pier G was completed in mid-2020, ready for work on the exteriors and interior finishing to proceed.
The striking round skylights in Pier G’s base are taking shape.
In April 2021, work to build the exteriors has already made major progress. Its later look is already easily discernible.
This aerial photograph clearly shows the progress being made: the carcass of Pier G is almost finished.
In a later construction stage, the base of the pier will be expanded and connected to the main terminal building.

Fast and Precisely

The schedule for building Pier G is tight, so all of the different trades involved have to closely coordinate their work. (To a tour of Pier G with project head Ilma Celjo) This includes working concurrently; for example, while the carcass is still being extended upward, technicians begin installing equipment in the cellar. To meet the stringent deadlines, the carcass builders make use of prefabricated constructions. These are cast earlier at an off-site concreting plant and transported to the construction site. The structure grows skyward piece by piece like a building set for children.

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Ready to Take Off

Although the work to build Pier G has been completed, it has temporarily been placed in a waiting mode. The current plans call for it to begin operating in 2026 together with the main building of Terminal 3. However, there is enough flexibility for this to happen sooner if required. A ramp-up phase lasting 12 months will be needed.

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