Cars on Eight Levels
Across the Asphalt to Terminal 3

The parking facility next to the main terminal building

Germany’s largest parking garage is finished. When Terminal 3 starts operating in 2026, it will accommodate no fewer than 8,500 vehicles on eight levels. You too can easily reserve a space there for your car. There are also special slots for electric vehicles; initially, 200 spaces will be equipped with bollard-type chargers.

A bird’s eye view shows the impressive dimensions of the parking garage with around 8,500 parking spaces.

Each level features a different color and can be easily accessed via spacious elevators.

The electricity for the EV charging stations is sourced directly from the solar panels on the parking garage roof.

The T3 parking garage offers 240,000 square meters of parking space – approximately the size of 34 soccer fields.

Well signed and spacious, the parking garage allows guests to park in comfort.

Plenty of room for solar energy: The photovoltaic system planned for the roof of the parking garage will produce up to 3.6 megawatts of electricity.

Cars on Eight Levels

The new eight-level parking facility at Terminal 3 will accommodate up to 8,500 cars and include specially equipped spaces for electric vehicles. It is divided into two parts connected by pedestrian bridges; the southern part is 200 meters long and the northern part about twice that. The 26-meter-tall facility is currently being built directly opposite the new main terminal building, so it’s only a short walk from there to check-in. A new bus station with 27 bays will provide seamless connections to the surrounding region, and about 45 parking spaces will be reserved for taxis right on the terminal’s drive-by platform. Especially interesting for day trippers: the terminal will be integrated in the regional network of cycling paths. Fraport is also providing 300 bicycle parking spaces right at Terminal 3 underneath the Sky Line station, 30 of which will be equipped with chargers for e-bikes. 

As of mid-2020, the recently begun work to build the new parking facility is rapidly advancing. Besides the concrete stairwells, the first steel structures for its two parts, the taller of which will have eight levels, are already being erected.

The stairwells are nearing completion and progress is also being made on the steel skeleton for the facility, which is steadily taking shape.

Large parts of the parking facility’s exterior have already been completed.

The huge dimensions of the parking structure with 8,500 spaces are readily apparent. This photograph shows the 400-meter-long larger part.

Gazing skyward: one of the helical ramps for accessing the new parking facility has already been completed.

The first part of the project to build the parking facility for construction workers was finished in late 2021.

Completion of the car park is planned for 2023.

A House of Steel

The new parking facility is just a stone’s throw from the drive-by platform. Before the first steel structures were erected for its eight levels, isolated stairwells reached skyward at the construction site. The steel work and installation of the ceilings then began in July 2020. Around 11,500 concrete slabs will form the ceilings of the levels. Each of them weighs five tonnes and measures 2.7 by 8 meters: genuine heavyweights! As far as possible, they were delivered by train to conserve natural resources.