The Vision
At the Heart of Terminal 3

From Check-In to Shopping and Dining

The heart of Terminal 3 beats where passengers start their trips and are welcomed back by their loved ones: in the main building. It has three zones:

  1. A combined departure and arrival hall
  2. A security check area
  3. The marketplace
The distinctive pillars of the drive-up table are already clearly visible. Use the slider to look into the future and compare the construction site with the completed main terminal building.

A Crook in the Look

Boasting an impressive clear height of 18 meters – a Boeing 747-800 could almost squeeze inside – the check-in hall is an open, light-flooded space with an unusual architectural feature: its glazed front bulges slightly outward instead of running vertically from top to bottom. Even more intriguingly, this isn’t just a design element: the bulge actually serves a purpose (see graphic).

Drops on the Ceiling

From the check-in hall, after clearing the security checkpoint travelers enter a futuristic marketplace with a wide range of invitingly arranged boutiques and restaurants. Here they also encounter yet another special eyecatcher: an undulating, reflective steel ceiling with shapes reminiscent of gigantic drops.

The artfully sophisticated ceiling of the marketplace comprises a total of 25,000 meters of aluminum tubing.

Travelers can enjoy around 30 shops and cafés until it’s time for them to head for the boarding gates.

A “wow” effect is guaranteed while strolling from the edges of the marketplace toward its high, spacious center.

Warm natural hues also dominate in the zone linking the marketplace to the piers.


It focuses the incoming daylight in some areas more than in others, evoking a unique shifting ambiance and making this part of the terminal even more enjoyable to spend time in. Visualisation: