Across the Asphalt to Terminal 3
The Highlights


The new terminal is reached via 10 kilometers of new roads. Among other things, the Zeppelinheim interchange is being enlarged to facilitate access to the A5 motorway. In addition, new public and utility roads are being created. Travelers will be able to drive straight to the drive-by platform in front of Terminal 3, and a brand-new parking structure nearby will have room for 8,500 vehicles.

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Relaxed Access for Drivers

The first major subproject for connecting the new terminal to the road network involved building the access and exit ramps for the drive-by platform. These are essential for travelers and visitors to drive straight up to the departure level of Terminal 3. A total of 2,600 cubic meters of concrete was used to make them. The access ramp is 256 meters long while the exit ramp measures 136 meters.(Construction of the access and exit ramps in pictures)

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The Challenge of Building Bridges

The huge drive-by platform – it measures about 550 meters long by 30 meters wide, for a surface area of 16,500 square meters – connects the two ramps at a height of around 10 meters above the ground. Passenger cars and taxis will use it to stop right in front of the check-in hall. It is held up by 70 special V-shaped supports for which the engineers doing the structural calculations had to master special challenges.

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Besides the large structures and ramps, roads were also built to connect Terminal 3. With a total length of 10 kilometers, the new road network links the new terminal to the motorway, CargoCity South, and the airport’s operational zone. The Zeppelinheim interchange on the A5 motorway is also being widened, and a 143-meter-wide bridge is being built across it a few hundred meters further south.

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Parking on Eight Levels

Just a stone’s throw from the drive-by platform, another subproject is also taking shape: the parking facility. Before work to build its eight levels began, isolated stairways sprouted skyward. In July 2020, the building itself began taking shape as the ceiling units were put into place.

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