The Vision
Piers H and J

Where the Big Planes Park …

It isn’t always easy to find a parking space in a large city like Frankfurt. And similar problems can also arise at Frankfurt Airport when it’s busy – the available aircraft parking positions right at the piers of Terminals 1 and 2 fill up fast. Once Terminal 3 is finished and begins operating, the situation will improve significantly. The two new Piers H and J alone will provide a total of 24 new adjacent positions. After landing from a long flight, planes will be able to taxi straight to them and dock. Passengers will also deplane directly into the new terminal. The two new piers will offer lots of comfort and convenience. Whether passengers are departing or arriving, they will enjoy a full range of amenities on the piers’ total area of about 103,000 square meters.

Passengers using Piers H and J, with a total floor area of about 103,000 square meters, will have a full selection of facilities and amenities at their fingertips.

Pier J is designed to handle flights to and from non-Schengen countries and therefore has a separate third level for arriving passengers.

The two piers boast 24 passenger bridges for direct boarding and deboarding.

The apron control tower is 69 meters tall, providing a good view of the entire southern apron.

Large Piers in Two Sizes

The “smaller” of the two (relatively speaking, since both are enormous), Pier H, boasts a length of 400 meters. Pier J is even longer, measuring 600 meters from one end to the other. This doesn’t pose a problem for travelers, however, who can use a large number of moving walkways to get where they need to go. But the two piers don’t only differ in terms of length; their heights also don’t match. While Pier H has two levels, its big brother has one more. Pier J will be used by travelers heading to and arriving from countries outside the Schengen zone, and therefore has an additional level to prevent arriving and departing passengers from mingling.

Fast Wayfinding

The state-of-the-art architecture and straight design of the piers make it easy for travelers to find their way. The gates with their passenger waiting areas are located on the sides, interspersed with areas containing shops and food sellers. Running down the middle is a series of 36 moving walkways. They add up to quite a distance: each of them will be 47 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. Travelers can take advantage of them to quickly and conveniently get to any departure gate.

The clear layout and architecture of the piers facilitates orientation, making for a pleasant journey.

Modern and Timeless

Like in the main terminal building, the interior is attractively accentuated by areas of natural stone, steel, and concrete. Those who look carefully out the aircraft window while taking off or landing at Frankfurt Airport can spot yet another unique architectural feature of the two piers: large flat roofs planted with vegetation. Another eye-catcher at Pier J is the massive Y-shaped supports holding up the cantilevered ceiling of the second level.