Facts & Figures
Terminal 3 at a Glance

Frankfurt Airport is getting ready for the future with the new Terminal 3. Its modules can be flexibly built and commissioned depending on how the need for additional capacity actually develops.

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Building in Modules

The new terminal is being built in several phases. The first phase, comprising the main terminal building and Piers H and J, began in 2015 and will presumably go into operation in 2026.

The second phase, consisting of Pier G, was already structurally completed in April 2022. The current plans also call for it to be inaugurated in 2026. If needed, Pier G can also start operating sooner. Pier K, constituting the third phase, can be implemented if and when there is a need for it.

Room for 25 Million Passengers

Once Terminal 3 and three piers have been completed, there will initially be enough capacity for up to 19 passengers a year. It will even be possible to expand the terminal to handle 25 million travelers by building the fourth pier.

An Investment for the Region

Fraport is investing a total of around four billion euros in this ongoing expansion project. Terminal 3 is therefore Europe’s largest privately funded infrastructure project. The region’s construction sector is also benefiting: so far, half of the contracts have been awarded to companies based within a radius of 150 kilometers around the airport.

Ten Kilometers of New Roads

Terminal 3 will be optimally accessible by car. This will be ensured by a connection to the existing road network. A total of 10 kilometers of new roads are being built, and the Zeppelinheim interchange on the A5 motorway is also being expanded to increase its capacity for northbound traffic coming from and going to Terminal 3. In addition, a new public road is being built parallel to the A5; it will link the south of the airport with Hugo-Eckener-Ring and Gateway Gardens.

One of Europe’s Largest Parking Facilities

A new eight-level parking facility will have room for 8,500 passenger cars. Parts of it will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

In Eight Minutes to Terminal 3

A new Sky Line people mover will travel 5.6 kilometers between Terminal 3 and the north of the airport, reaching speeds of up to 80 km/h. More than 4,000 Schengen and non-Schengen passengers will be able to ride it daily in each direction.